Luncheons, Cocktail Parties and New members!

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Bula Bula and Greetings from your home away from home!

The past couple of weeks has brought us technical difficulties, a broken camera and our Bilo Bar Coordinator being out of action. Nonetheless its onwards and upwards from here!

We take the opportunity to wish our Bilo Bar Coordiantor, Iowana, a speedy recovery and look forward to you being back at work soon.

This week’s update is a combination of photos from our event held on the 9th of May, 17th of May and also an impromptu Bilo Bar Club luncheon to celebrate 38 years of the Bilo Bar Clubs activities.

We take this opportunity to welcome our latest Bilo Bar Club members who have been inducted the past couple of weeks!

At the meet the team events our members also celebrated along with other return guests and guests celebrating their birthdays, honeymoons and anniversaries alongside team members of the resort.

As always, we thank you; our valued Bilo Bar Club members, for your continued patronage and contribution to our communities. We look forward to seeing you back at your home away from home soon. Vinaka 🙂

Please click on each photo to download or open a larger version.

One thought on “Luncheons, Cocktail Parties and New members!

  • May 19, 2019 at 10:48 am

    Looks fantastic as usual and so pleased we will be at “our home away from home “in 4 weeks .
    Bula Rick and Willie

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